Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keeping It Real

So I've had a few thoughts on my mind that I've wanted to talk about.
 First up, was why I blog. This blog has been on my heart for long over 4 years, but out of fear and timing I've waited until now. I started this blog to share my ideas, in hopes to inspire others to DIY. This blog is a HUGE step for me, as I really don't like putting myself out there.  If you read my first blog post, you would notice that I wrote it well over a year ago. Last year I had thought that I would have the time to blog, but with my boy's having two different school pick up times, the timing wasn't right and my family comes first. Also, fear was/is a huge factor in starting this blog. I had a huge case of the "what ifs"..What if people don't like it, what if people think I'm bragging, what if I get overwhelmed, what if I run out of ideas, what if... what if.  I feel that God has put this blog on my heart to inspire other moms/women in making your home, YOUR HOME. I decorate and DIY because I enjoy it. Others may not enjoy it and that's ok. I think that EVERYONE is creative and some need help in finding their creative side. That's what I'm hoping to do. This blogs intent was/is to inspire, not to ever make anyone think that I've got it all together because I don't. As a wife/mom/woman I have my own short comings and am far from perfect. In showing you pictures of rooms in my house I will "style it up" and make it "picture perfect" but my house DOES NOT always look like that. I have the same struggles in keeping up with a tidy house as every other mom. 

Last week I showed you this pretty picture of my office.

This is what my office really looks like:

Yes, there is a treadmill, keyboard and a plant needing a pot in the middle of my office.

 If your thinking "How does she...?"  She doesn't! Over the years I have always taken pictures of projects that I've done, always knowing that one day I would have the time to blog. So, with that being said, a lot of the projects that I share or will share are "old" projects. I don't want anyone to think that I'm busting these projects out left and right. Some of these projects can be well over 4 years old.

Just needed to make sure you all knew that although I'm showing you these pretty pictures, it doesn't mean that's what my house always looks like!


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