Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Porch

 I have a confession to make. I've never carved pumpkins with my sons. I know. But, before you judge and think my boy's are being deprived, let me explain. They do carve pumpkins every year,  just not  with me.  My husband has always been the one to do it and I've never complained. I am content with being the photographer of the event. I enjoy watching them carve, I just have no interest in carving. Never have. Never will. I know lots of people that LOVE carving and are great at it, but I'm not one of those people. Something about taking all that time carving all the little details and then it only lasts a day or two. Just not my thing.
  However, painting pumpkins ...now that is what I'm talking about! No carving needed and they will last through Thanksgiving.
Makes me happy!

I probably spent a total of an hour painting these 4 pumpkins and it was pretty simple.

For the black and white striped pumpkin I taped it off with frog tape and then sprayed painted it black and then removed the tape.

For the deer head silhouette I printed the silhouette (downloaded from the internet) on card stock and cut it out. 

I then traced the silhouette with a pen onto the pumpkin. I purposely found a pumpkin that was a little flat on one side, which made it easier to trace onto.

Once traced I then painted it using a Rustoleum paint pen

For the "hello" pumpkin I painted it with chalkboard paint and then used my white chalkboard pen to write on it. The yellow pumpkin I taped off with frog tape on a diagonal and used yellow spray paint that I already had.
Also, why I was already sprucing up our front porch I spray painted an "H" on our door mat. Years ago it did say "welcome", but faded over the years. I printed off an "H" from the internet onto card stock and cut it out, and then used it as a stencil.

I then taped it to the mat and then sprayed over it with black spray paint.

So tell me...are you a pumpkin carver or painter?


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