Friday, November 1, 2013

Home Tour {Living Room}

Happy Friday!

Hope you had a great time yesterday peeking in your neighbors house trick or treating with your family! I know I did!

This has been a long and busy week, but I told you last week that I would show you my living room, so I was determined to post it this week.

Decorating your house often reminds me of the book "When You Take A Mouse To The Movies," but my version of the book would be called "When You Give A Girl A Couch"
Our living room (which is technically our Dining Room) has changed so much over the last couple of years. It all started with the vintage couch that my Grandma gave me. I have LOVED this couch ever since I was a little girl and have many childhood memories of playing Monopoly with my cousin's at the coffee table that sat in front of this couch at my Grandparents house. When my Grandma said that I could have the couch I screamed like a little girl was beyond thrilled and grateful. The couch was actually my parents first couch when they were newlyweds before it became my Grandmothers', who then had it reupholstered many years ago.

Back to why decorating reminds me of a children's book...

Since putting the couch in our living room, I realized how naked our windows looked and wanted to add curtains. After adding the curtains, I then wanted to add an entry table. After adding the entry table, I then realized I no longer liked our end tables.  After solving that problem, I realized I needed an area rug to anchor the space. After adding the rug, I decided that our coffee table was too big and took away from the design of the rug, which now leaves me coffee tableless. (Yes, I just made up my own word)
 Do you see how decorating your house relates to the children's book "When You Take A Mouse To The Movies?"
 My point is one thing/change leads to another and so on. But in the end, if you end up with a room that you love it's all worth it.

We have carpet in our living room, which someday I would love to rip out replace with hardwood floors.  The curtains were made by my mother in law and I using this fabric. I was a little nervous picking such a bold print, but after eyeing it for months and still loving it, I took the plunge and ordered the fabric. I'm still in love with it.

The white chairs are a Craigslist find for $30 each. I'll be sharing more on them next week.

The stump side table was a gift from my in laws. They made it. I know, right!?!  They are both very talented.

The blue t.v stand is a garage sale find for $10.00

The sunburst mirror is from Homegoods and the lamps were thrifted for $15 each. 

Let's talk about the rug! I've been wanting this rug ever since I saw it in the room below.
It was love at first sight. No joke.

But after seeing the hefty price tag, I quickly tried to unlove the rug...but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I fell hard. So I  then stalked it waited for it to go on sale. When it finally went on sale for 65%, plus no sales tax and free shipping, I took it as a sign from above and quickly bought it. Let me tell you, I LOVE THIS RUG! 

Yes, it's pretty light in color, but we don't wear shoes in our house and we don't eat in our living room.

(sorry, I know this is a horrible picture, but it was the only one from this angle and I'm too tired to take another)

So, there you have it, my coffee table-less living room.  

Next week I'll share more details on the pieces that were DIY'd in this room.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Love it love it love it! Love the textures and pops of color and pattern. LOVE :)

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  3. I love reading your blog! It gets my wheels turning on projects that I'd like to get done. P.s. You're not the only one that has stalked their living room rug! Lol

    1. Thanks Ashley! Glad I'm not alone in my rug stalking :)