Friday, October 25, 2013

Home Tour {Entryway}

While trick or treating I still walk my little guys up to the door. Not because I'm an overbearing mom (well maybe a little), but because as you're commenting on how cute their costume is and handing them sugar they don't need, I'm looking over your shoulder to get a glimpse inside your house. Weird? Maybe, but it's the truth.
I love taking my little guys to trick or treat not for the love of candy, but for my love of seeing how others live.  I love to see inside other peoples homes, even if it may just be a glimpse. I love to see how others decorate their homes. It's a reflection of the family that lives there. Your home tells a story. A story of who lives there and what they're like.

 Since I probably just creeped you out a little with my nosiness, I thought it'd only be fair to give you a glimpse of what you'd see if you came knockin on our door.

The coat rack was a garage sale find. 
The Fiddleleaf Fig tree (Ficus Lyrata) is from Home Depot for $10.00!! I've been wanting one of these trees for quite some time, but because of their usually hefty price tag and my non green thumb I was hesitant to buy one. When I found this one a few weeks ago for $10.00 I quickly snatched it up.

Since we technically don't have much for an entry way, I extended our "entryway"  into our living room..which technically is supposed to be our dining room according to our builder, but who dines on carpet?? Not us!

I found this entry table on craigslist along with the white mirror for $75.00 
Here is a before picture

I had a hard time picking a paint color. I didn't want to pick my usual safe paint choices of black or white. I wanted a statement piece that added a pop of color. I think this adds the "pop" I wanted.
The color is Safety Red by Rustoleum.

The Van Gogh print was also thrifted. You should of seen my sons face when I brought it home. He thought it was an original piece and we were rich. Broke my heart to tell him it wasn't real.

All of the frames and mirrors were thrifted or garage sale finds. The H is from Kohls (old) and the black and white horse photo is from World Market. I painted a black strip on the gold mirror to make the mirror pop a little more against our beige walls. The yellow ottoman is from Home Goods.

Hope you enjoyed "Trick or Treating" at our house today!

Here's a peek into our living room that I'll be sharing next week.

Enjoy your weekend!



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