Monday, September 16, 2013

A {Breakfast} Birthday Party

My littlest man turned 7 during Summer.  Crazy!?! How is my baby 7?!?  I have a hard time with every birthday, but 7 is just a hard one for me! It just seems old??

When we asked him what kind of party he wanted..well, actually let me correct that by saying we asked him what kind of food he wanted to have at his party (he is a foodie) he quickly replied "BACON!" I wasn't completely shocked because a few weeks prior we hosted brunch for family that was in town for my brother in laws wedding and the kiddos thought having everyone over for breakfast was the coolest thing ever!

So, bacon it is. Although I'm sure most kids would have been fine with just being served bacon, we also decided on waffles, fruit toppings, powdered sugar, whip cream and a cereal bar. Just to make sure everyone's kids had enough sugar to last them the whole weekend, we had a DONUT cake too! We even topped off breakfast with a piƱata. It was a complete sugar fest and I'm pretty sure every kid needed to detox after they left...but hey, you only turn 7 once, right? Thank God it wasn't a sleep over!

I used craft paper as the table cloth and used colored duct tape to hold the two pieces together.

Since there ended up being a lot of blank space on the table, I decided to write the names of the food being served with a chalkboard pen.

We put the cereal in glass jars because it just looks cuter that way.  Actually, since the party we've left the glass jars out on our counter filled with cereal. The boy's like having their own cereal station and I love that they can get their breakfast themselves. No more cereal boxes left open to get stale and I can always see when we're getting low on cereal. Oh, the little things that make me happy!

And here's one happy, sugar loaded 7 year old!

On my littlest man's actual birthday he also learned how to change a tire.  Yup, that's how we roll.

He is a man in training, after all. He was very proud, but not as proud as his daddy! I love watching my little men get down and dirty and learn new "manly things" Cracks me up that he wanted to wear gloves!
Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that my child's hair is the definition of bed head!


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