Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kitchen Organization

I don't consider myself unorganized, but I wouldn't consider myself completely organized either!?! You see, everything in my house has a place, but within that place/closet/cupboard/drawer everything may just fall out when you open it! I have a really hard time KEEPing things organized..make sense? I should could totally just blame it on the kids, but honestly it's me.  So, I've been really trying to KEEP things organized.

Do you have that one cupboard that you just dread getting something out of in fear that everything else is going to fall out? Well, I have a few  one. It's in my kitchen island and it holds all my baking sheets, muffin tins, cutting board, and cooling racks. It's a very deep deep that you basically have to send your kid in to get something out! Well, after living with the cookie sheets and muffin tins stacked on top of each other for almost 6 years, (all falling out after trying to get one out) I've finally come to the conclusion... that it's just not working. I know, I catch on quick!

The reason it has taken me so long to do something about this is because in order to organize this better I needed to move one of the shelves up.  Have you ever tried getting a shelf out of one of these plastic holders? Umm, yeah it's really hard! Unless, there is a trick I don't know about?

 Well, one night I was feeling brave and decided I would tackle not only lining the shelves with shelf paper , but finally move the shelf up to make room for my baking sheets. 

 I quickly remembered why I put this off for 6 years.  But, like I said I was feeling brave and did what every brave woman does after they finish one side and realize that it was too much work they need help... I waited for my husband to come home and move the other shelf for me.

I had found these two file holders at the thrift store for .50 each   This and this would work too.


Much better, right? 

Now I can slide ONE cookie sheet out, without the rest falling/sliding out. 

 Oh, the little things that make me smile! 


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