Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY: Silhouette

I'm often asked about my kids silhouette portraits that I diy'd (is that even a word?) and today I'm going to show you how I made them. I made these around 3 years ago BP (Before Pinterest) and am sure there are many other ways to do this, but this is how I made them and it was pretty simple. I had found a tutorial online, but don't remember where, since its been so long.

Here's what you'll need:

The scissors that you choose make all the difference.  I used these scissors that are made for detail cutting with their micro tip. I know what you're thinking.. scissors are scissors. Nope. Trust me. Not when you're trying to cut around you're kids long eye lashes and crazy hair.

You'll also need a mug shot  side profile picture of your child. I took their picture against the wall and had it printed in an 8x10 size.

You want to make sure you can see their eyelashes, nose, and lips.

Good profile picture

 (Do you see those long lashes? Jealous? Me too.)

Bad profile picture.
He doesn't have a nose or lips in his shadow.

In order for them to have " lips" they need to kind of pucker their lips.

Asking one to pucker their lips leads to the following pictures:

I purposely left their hair wild because I wanted it to stand out in their silhouette. My husband has nick named our oldest son "shark fin" because of his spiked hair and our youngest  "fro bro" and that's what I wanted to capture in their silhouette.

So, once you've had your pictures printed, you are then going to cut their profile out very carefully.  Make sure to cut out every detail, especially their eyelashes. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of this.

Once you're done cutting it out, you then flip the picture over and paint it (on the back side) the color of your choice. Once it dry you can then use double sided tape to adhere it to paper.

I wanted mine to have an eclectic look, rather than the traditional black and white, so I added patterned scrapbook paper behind the silhouette. 

The frames are from Michaels.

Shark Fin and Fro Bro

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